Friday, October 10, 2008


10 Things That Happened Today, 10/10:

1) I got "The Jeffersons" theme song stuck in my head, not sure how. Then, later, I heard "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on the car radio, and that replaced "The Jeffersons."

2) John started to take more of a liking to walking!

3) Relished an evening out visiting a favorite friend.

4) Had a Thanksgiving planning session with my mom.

5) Enjoyed my clean floor for the whole ONE day it will last.

6) Marvelled at the weather. It was a bone-chilling 61 degrees in Las Vegas this morning so Joe busted out some winter wear - gloves and a hat:

7) I laughed to myself just remembering last night's "The Office" episode.

8) Decided on Halloween costumes! Whew! (Spiderman, Dorothy, butterfly, penguin, in case you're wondering)

9) Top speed during my run: 7:25 (sustained for a little less than a quarter of a mile, though)

10) For 45 minutes, one child napped while three visited the Nalleys. I sat on the couch. No computer, no TV, no chores. I sat on the couch in the quiet.

Happy 10/10.
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