Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fans Off, Flannel On

Dang desert. I think we might have just careened through Fall without even noticing. It's Winter! I hope I'm wrong. I still have a rocking chair in the garage begging to be finished and it ain't gonna happen if the weather stays frigid.

Whatever the coming weeks bring, the baby wore socks last night, I turned off all the bedroom ceiling fans, and if I get the energy, I might put the flannel sheets on our bed for tonight.

Ahhhhhh, flannel sheets. So soft and cozy. Do you know there are people in the world who don't like flannel sheets? Perish the thought! The two people I'm thinking of live one in Houston, Texas and one in Fresno, California, so I guess it makes a little sense. I wonder if they'd feel the same if they lived in an ice-fishing hut in Alaska. My guess is no. I live in the Nevada desert, myself, but nighttime temperatures do get down pretty low and I live in a tract home which means my house has NO insulation and poorly-installed windows. It's COLD.

Can't wait for bedtime.
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