Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Would I Post About A Pillow?---

---Same reason I'd post about a bird...

...because I'm being influenced too heavily by HGTV and other stations that broadcast celebrities and their "favorite things" segments on certain shows.

I went around my house and photographed some of my own fave things. This accomplished two missions - 1) it gave me blog material and 2) it gave me practice using my camera and a realization that I "need" another new lens.

I'm only showing you the pillow and the bird. Those are randomly weird enough.

So about the bird. I call it "dear little bird" because sometimes I like to talk like a little old lady. (Sometimes, when I'm 9 months pregnant, I also end up moving like a little old lady, but that's another story...) Who uses the word "dear" anymore, really?

This bird drew the attention of my dear little friend Julester when we were shopping in a dear little curio shop near my dear little home once upon a time.

We each bought one. Difference between me and Julester is that she went home and had a perfect place to stick the bird, whereas in my knick-knack-free, vacuously-decorated home the dear little bird is hopelessly lost.

HGTV sucks. It just makes me realize my many decorating shortfalls, one being that I have no place to put my bird.
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