Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Always Happens...

...I just start to figure something out - something that should normally make life better - when suddenly a difficulty pops up. Often, this difficulty is related to:

1) technological complexity

2) math

3) my alarmingly low patience level

For example:

-the CD changer in my van - I've often been inches from careening off the freeway or interstate because I'm trying to remove, say, Veggie Tales from disc position 2 to replace it with, say, Will Smith - but I really have no idea how to do this and the thing makes awful noises and I fear it is grinding my CD to smithereens

-my cell phone - laugh if you must, but I can at least make a call. Even easier, I can receive one. However, if my one year-old tampers with the buttons and inadvertently changes the ring from "Cingular Tone" to "Rock Me" - I am at a total loss how to change it back

-my iPod - provided my spouse helps me with downloading, uploading, sideloading, and syncing--- (and provided I can get the earbud thingy to stay in my ear)--I am very good at listening to music. Should the aforementioned spouse drop dead tonight, though, I will be forced to listen to whatever noise he has on his playlist and not my beloved "Hollaback Girl"

Which brings me to tonight. I printed out a training schedule for a 10K. Until now, I've been slacking along at short distances, slow speeds, and very little improvement. But I want to go further, faster, and ultimately NOT die on a racecourse. But I CANNOT FIGURE OUT all the crazy talk on the schedule!!!!!!!!

WHAT is a 440? What's an 880? What do 200 yards look like? What's a split? An interval? (And thank God I learned what a fartlek is a while back or I'd be asking that, too.) Dang. I really thought all I had to do was buy shoes. Now I have to put on my thinking cap which will MORE THAN LIKELY knock those earbud thingys right outta my ears.
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