Monday, October 13, 2008

Get these folks a Realtor.

This is a photo of a typical family living around here. They need a house. Pictured with them is their puppy and one of their horses, but I'm pretty sure they have about fifteen more horses, (I've seen them on my daughters' bedroom floor). I'm guessing they're animal lovers, because they also have a pig, a goose, a turtle, and a triceratops. So obviously they've outgrown the Little People House they moved into last Christmas. AND on top of their size issues, they also inherited quite a bit of furniture from my woodworking father. Five or six rooms-worth. But HE DIDN'T BUILD THEM A HOUSE.

Here is some of the furniture:

Nice, huh? Yes, it's quite cute. And it was delivered to my house and deposited on THE DINING ROOM TABLE. We need to eat at the dining room table. We can't have people LIVING on it! So the furniture was moved to a nearby windowsill. But that resulted in some catastrophes you can only imagine if you can picture setting up housekeeping on a narrow cliff. Therefore, I got out a box, labeled it "Dollhouse Furniture" and placed it on a high shelf to wait for construction completion on a suitable house. Daughter #1 did not forget it was there, and recently asked if she could play with it. I had the brilliant idea to move it all into an "urban-style loft" (the top of our linen cupboard) and this is where all the furniture remains to this day:

Sadly, you may notice that Early-American furniture is all wrong style-wise for an urban loft. Not to mention it's sorta small and there's no place for a horde of pets. Hopefully by Christmas this family and at least some of their pets can find a place to permanently call home.
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