Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Night Update

Really? The World Series is on RIGHT NOW? Kevin says it really is live and those people really are watching this game at 1:30 a.m. in Philly. At first I was making fun of a Phillies guy who got out on second base so I thought I would root for the Tampa Bay team. But I can't get behind a team called the Devil Rays!!! What IS a Devil Ray? Will someone please tell me? I suppose I could Google it but I just don't care enough and since my brother went to school in Philly I might as well take their team's side. Kevin is normally a baseball fan, so I asked why we haven't been watching this. Apparently we've been busy.

Now that you're settled on who Teri hopes to win the Series, let's move on to some other important things.

Today is exactly two months til Christmas. Are you ready? I am. Yep. If by "ready" you mean "prepared to start making a list". Catholics do a bang-up job of celebrating significant Jesus stuff, so I kinda let them take care of that side of things. Other than that, I might buy a poinsettia this year. Put up the stockings. Buy some gifts. Shoot a goose and cook the sucker for Christmas Eve. I'm not sure what Santa will bring me this year. I think I might ask for a scooter. Why not?

Friends coming from out of the country tomorrow to stay with us. Doesn't that sound exotic? What it amounts to, really, is that I have to clean the bathrooms. On the Sabbath. But, if you know your Bible, you know Jesus healed on the Sabbath, and me cleaning my bathrooms is almost like that. I will be preventing disease. The downstairs "powder room" gets a Clorox swipe now and again but I can honestly say that the Master bathroom has not been cleaned in months. (And Beth Barker, if you are now reading my blog, I hope you will still be my friend. I imagine that if you went that long without cleaning your bathroom the universe might implode!)

I have so much more on my mind right now. I went for a run tonight and apparently the endorphins are making me overly chatty. Okay, I'm overly chatty no matter what, but I'm feeling extra loopy. But it is time to go continue watching my beloved Phillies.

Lots of Love, and Happy Saturday to you and yours,
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