Friday, February 13, 2009

10936 and 25:44

I am the happy owner of some cotton curtains from IKEA all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Here's the long-awaited package:

I love them. They have all the right colors for my kitchen. Colors and butterflies and various species of flora. But something else caught my eye - the number 10936 is all over the pattern:

What is THAT all about? Of course I Googled it, because I'll be staring at this mystery number for hours each day (while dish-doing and spying on my neighbors). According to my research, electricity was transmitted from Hoover Dam to Los Angeles for the first time on October 9, 1936. Neat. But not all warm and fuzzy enough to entrance me in the kitchen. Furthermore, 10936 is an item number for the vehicle suction cup mount for a Garmin GPS, and a listing number for a promising piece of real estate in Philly, in case you're interested. I'm disappointed. I need to assign some significance here.

Which brings me to 25:44. That was Kevin's first-effort 5K time. His race is in two weeks, so he tried the distance this morning. While he ran three miles, I snoozed in bed. When he returned, he came through the door and nonchalantly announced "25:44 --- how's that?" Well, pretty good, mister speedy pants! Some of us aspire to running a 25:44 5K IN OUR DREAMS!!! Oh, well, we can't all be phenomenal.
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