Monday, February 2, 2009

I suppose I could get over it.

Groundhog's Day. I always hold a candle for this day, probably because it's just so unusual and I love unusual. But I don't get cards or gifts or overnight stays at swanky resorts, so maybe I oughtta rethink my attachment.

As I was unloading my Costco haul just now, and heard that my husband left me a "Happy Groundhog's Day" phone message, I was trying to remember when I picked up my affection for the day. Part of it has to be the 2/2 date. I have that thing for numbers and 2/2 is catchy. Another part has to be the connection to a place called Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania - because the name "Punxsutawney" is unusual and because my dad's side of the family is Pennsylvania German and the holiday has roots in their customs.

There was a guy I worked with in, like, 1991, who sent flowers to his wife on Groundhog's Day - just to be different. I was attracted to the notion of receiving flowers for reasons like that. It was probably a year later that two of my most tolerant-with-me friends came over to help me try to make a papier-mache groundhog in honor of the day. I somehow acquired a big ol' roll of chicken wire to sculpt the groundhog and everything. It didn't go well. I don't remember what we crafted, but it wasn't a groundhog. I'm guessing we mostly just ate a lot of the Nutter Butters I bought to bribe my friend Sandee with. Yes, this is a true story. Yes, I have long been a complete weirdo. When Bill Murray's movie "Groundhog Day" came out in 1993, that affirmed my devotion. Clever plot. At my wedding, my matron of honor mentioned my penchant for unique things and included how much I liked Groundhog Day. But that was nearly 11 years ago and nothing more has come of it. I don't expect any more celebration today. Maybe I'll give it one more year. If nothing happens for Groundhog's 2010, though, it might be time to forget about it.

Anyway, today's official groundhog outcome? Six more weeks of winter. I doubt that applies in Nevada. Check official results here. Maybe my 2010 plans could include going to Gobbler's Knob.

Evening update: My husband brought home a card AND an iTunes gift card for me this evening. I am a lucky woman!

Later note: I just lost all my journalistic integrity, didn't I? It appears possible that I composed this blog in order to bring myself some financial (iTunes) gain. Well, believe what you will. I'm off to buy some running music!
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