Thursday, February 19, 2009

Half Marathon Goal Time

Okay. I ran today and paid a lot of attention to my pace (as told by my GPS) and how I felt at different speeds. Then, I came home and entered a reasonable pace into the handy-dandy calculator at Runners World. Voila, my goal time for my half marathon is 2:30. Considering aches and pains, but also adrenaline and cheering bystanders, I'll be happy to finish as far under three hours as I can. Then, when I sign up for this madness again, I can try to shoot for closer to two hours.

Other items that need to be addressed: Who will come to cheer me on? My knee hurts. What shirt will I wear? Will I bring my iPod? (In the 53,000 5Ks I've run, I've never used music. But I think I'd like to. Maybe.) What to eat beforehand? Where to convalesce afterward? And how soon will I run the next one?
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