Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pre- Dreams

You know how you have kooky dreams before big events?

Before my wedding, I dreamed I was at my final dress fitting and they brought out the gown. It was BLUE. Best of all, it had a nearly life-size manatee embroidered on the extremely-long train.

Before my first baby was born, I dreamed it was a boy (prophetic) and that he was born able to speak. I've heard since that that is a common dream.

Last night I dreamed that I was running my half-marathon. There were no distance markers, so no way of knowing if I was at mile 3 or 12. In real life, I'd have a sense about how far I'd gone, but in the dream I had no idea. I had forgotten my handy new drink carrier so was toting a full-size backpack loaded with loose bottles of Gatorade, several Clif bars, and the water bottles of numerous fellow racers. A portion of the race went through the busy airport terminal. The moving walkways and crowds were a problem. Another portion was in the bowels of a casino. Think long concrete hallways and fire escape routes. None of it was marked for the race and for short distances we ran on the midway at Circus Circus. I kept looking back and noticing people taking different turns than I took.

Apparently I was racing with some of my old junior high friends. In real life, I've been communicating with my friend Allyson from that time and discussing doing a race together in the future. But it was Laurie that I was racing with in the dream and we got to a part of the course that was in complete darkness, spiraling up a tall steel tower with a sheer dropoff on one side. I had freakish confidence during that part and grabbed her hand and told her just to "stay with me!"

No way the real half marathon can be that challenging, right?
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