Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ice Baby Jesus

A month and a half ago, snow fell on Henderson, stuck, and stayed. Days later, it was still piled on our trampoline and the kids had fun rolling it around and packing it and jumping in it.

Cayna, decked out in a snowsuit and lavender mittens, deemed herself the Virgin Mary as she closely held a small slab of frozen snow... none other than Baby Jesus.

After forming an attachment for her little ice doll, as she does for anything she finds, we couldn't very well leave it/him outside to melt. Welcome to our freezer, little ice Jesus. It's been about six weeks that this delicate "doll" has resided between the popsicles and the frozen Weight Watchers entrees.

Hm. Not sure how this story will end. You can't just turn a Jesus doll into a Slurpee or dump it into the sink. Perhaps I'll let Cayna decide. I have a feeling our freezer might be a long-time residence.
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