Saturday, February 7, 2009

Double Digits, Baby!

I did ten miles!

I am now going to divulge the information I would have liked to hear from another amateur before I got to this point:

Before- I drank my usual sixteen ounces of water. No other food or drink, but I brought along a Gatorade and a gel.

During- There were moments of beauty: the sunrise, the top of every hill, the first time I saw another runner (at mile 7). Plus, it rained last night and the air smelled heavenly. And there were moments of pain. I kept having quirky pain in different places in my legs, so I'd stop and stretch and walk a while. What surprised me the most, though - was that I got bored. As varied as I make my route, it's still just me and the sky and the street. I hadn't thought of running as isolated or lonely until recently when I read an article that mentioned it. It's true. Even for just ten miles. Three or five and you're back home quick - but this was almost two hours of just watching the scenery go by. Well, there's been a theme of silence and solitude in my prayer life lately, so maybe I oughtta look at this as part of that.

Gel review - Gross. Tolerable if I didn't look at it oozing out of the pouch, and if I told myself it was pudding. And it did help. Gotta do more research in this area as I go further.

What I said to myself - Anytime I started tensing or trying to compensate for my foot-size difference (which made itself more known than ever just after mile 8 with noticeable slipping and sliding) I'd think, "Just listen to your music and cover the distance." Musta said that to myself a dozen times. I didn't have a route picked out beforehand, but I do know a lot of rough distances within a five-mile radius of my house, so I looked at my GPS pretty frequently. The miles surprisingly went by faster than I expected.

After - I'm hurting. My knee is killing me and my quads are sore. Had to sit in a TERRIBLE chair for two hours right after my run at a class we had to go to, and that didn't help. Perhaps I'll take a cozy ice bath after dinner tonight.

The class we went to this morning was at church and there was a funeral going on. During a break we had, the coffin was on the way in and I stared at it for a few minutes. My knee hurts, and my freaky feet are causing me problems, but I'm alive. For now. Might as well make the most of it and run.


littlecbsmom said...

Congratulations, that is incredible!! I'm so impressed! I am having trouble getting past the ice bath comment, you wouldn't really do that, would you?

Laura said...

Wow you did it! I'm so proud of you! Loved the post! I ran a half marathon before I had Addie and the longest distance I did during training was 10 miles and I finished 13.1 no problem. You're going to do great! Keep it up!

Muddlin' Mother said...

Wow~ You totally rock! I'm back down to 2 miles these days off and on. Life is just too busy and it's a bummer. A question, since I know nothing about this, but strive to do this someday, as well - why do you have to eat while you run? Does it really help? And you really, really should check out Nordstrom for shoes - like the other comment weeks ago, they will sell you the mismatched shoes. They have quality running shoes and inserts there and knowledgable sales people. I promise.

Teri said...

Suzie - I would have to be desperate to do an ice bath - and positive that my body needed it. It sounds like torture.

Laura - That's so cool you did a half back then. Had I known that, we might have taken up running when we lived closer. (Guess we were both pregnant most the time, though, huh?)

Karen - Nordstrom took care of me in another department, so maybe I'll give the shoes a shot.
As for eating, you just have to have that energy and sugar when you're running that long. I've slurped gel as early as 3-5 miles, but haven't really NEEDED it needed it until much later. Although Gatorade has been my friend, too.