Saturday, February 7, 2009

Double Digits, Baby!

I did ten miles!

I am now going to divulge the information I would have liked to hear from another amateur before I got to this point:

Before- I drank my usual sixteen ounces of water. No other food or drink, but I brought along a Gatorade and a gel.

During- There were moments of beauty: the sunrise, the top of every hill, the first time I saw another runner (at mile 7). Plus, it rained last night and the air smelled heavenly. And there were moments of pain. I kept having quirky pain in different places in my legs, so I'd stop and stretch and walk a while. What surprised me the most, though - was that I got bored. As varied as I make my route, it's still just me and the sky and the street. I hadn't thought of running as isolated or lonely until recently when I read an article that mentioned it. It's true. Even for just ten miles. Three or five and you're back home quick - but this was almost two hours of just watching the scenery go by. Well, there's been a theme of silence and solitude in my prayer life lately, so maybe I oughtta look at this as part of that.

Gel review - Gross. Tolerable if I didn't look at it oozing out of the pouch, and if I told myself it was pudding. And it did help. Gotta do more research in this area as I go further.

What I said to myself - Anytime I started tensing or trying to compensate for my foot-size difference (which made itself more known than ever just after mile 8 with noticeable slipping and sliding) I'd think, "Just listen to your music and cover the distance." Musta said that to myself a dozen times. I didn't have a route picked out beforehand, but I do know a lot of rough distances within a five-mile radius of my house, so I looked at my GPS pretty frequently. The miles surprisingly went by faster than I expected.

After - I'm hurting. My knee is killing me and my quads are sore. Had to sit in a TERRIBLE chair for two hours right after my run at a class we had to go to, and that didn't help. Perhaps I'll take a cozy ice bath after dinner tonight.

The class we went to this morning was at church and there was a funeral going on. During a break we had, the coffin was on the way in and I stared at it for a few minutes. My knee hurts, and my freaky feet are causing me problems, but I'm alive. For now. Might as well make the most of it and run.
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