Monday, February 16, 2009

Take Time to Stop and Smell the Creosote

We spent part of our President's Day-off on a trail above Lake Mead. Long ago, it was the route of the railroad, having much to do with Hoover Dam. Today it was a fun family destination and in a month it will be my half-marathon path.

Beautiful desert. In the foreground, creosote bushes.

Today I learned something valuable. I have always credited my favorite desert aroma to sage. But today we saw all these plants on the trail and smelled their fantastic fresh fragrance and I told the kids it was sage --- Kevin corrected me and said it was creosote. Since he has spent WAY more time in the desert learning from his stepfather the wilderness expert, I know he's right. Here's a sprig.

We walked two miles. One mile to the first tunnels, and one mile back. Snacks and benches along the way saved us from some whining.

Upon reaching the tunnels, the kids got very excited. We all did, actually.

At first, Bethanie was a little frightened to go in. But she overcame her fear and soon flew past us.

I think my children could spend several hours throwing rocks into water or down hills. We've spent LOTS of time on LOTS of hikes doing both.

(Look at that face!)

Cayna, John, and Kevin were in on the action. Notice Kevin is holding on to John's jacket. It really was a steep dropoff right there.

The end.
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