Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twelve Quiet Hours

Spent Saturday Uniquely. (Pause to wonder how repugnant it is to begin a blog post with a sentence fragment. But that's sort of the way of the blog. Heck, it's lately the way of the newspapers and magazines. No one follows grammar rules anymore.) I had my first official once-a-month "Day Off." Humble thanks to my husband who gave me his blessing and cared for the fabulous four kids from sunup to past sundown.

My theme for the day was solitude and silence. Let's see if I can recall the few words I spoke here and there throughout the day.

1. (Well, there was a lot of speaking to go along with the liturgy of daily Mass - I won't type it all here.)

2. "Bless me, Father..." (I went to confession next.)

3. "Two people actually," when I was asked by a man in a suit and tie who I was looking for at a cemetery at 9:15 a.m. Other than the overly-bold and nosey employee, it was a silent time.

4. "I'd like the Power Wrap." "Thanks." "Thanks." "Sure." "Thanks." (Brunch.)

5. "It does look really old." (Regarding a copy of Robinson Crusoe I picked up at the library's used book sale. --- Janelle, I will find out how old it is!)

6. "One for 'He's Just Not That Into You.'"

7. "Just an order of fries, please." (After six hours without food, but not wanting to spoil dinner.)

8. "A chocolate chip Frolatte, please?" "No whipped cream." "Thanks."

9. "Honey, it's me. Where's the gas cap release button on this car?"

10. "Shredded beef bowl, please." "Beans." "Mild." "Yes." "A Sierra Nevada, please."

After dinner, I went home. It was a glorious, very still, contemplative day. I particularly enjoyed ending it sitting in Chipotle reading my homeschool book at a table alone and drinking a Sierra Nevada.


mom2threepks said...

Wow. If women have like 10,000 words a day that we are supposed to need to say then you are in a word deficeit. Sure would be nice if you could make it up by talking on the phone to a long lost friend! LOL. Sounds like an amazing day!

littlecbsmom said...

What an awesome thing to do! Every time I get away, I end up running errands like a mad woman to get back quickly to chaos! Something is wrong here!

What the hec is a Sierra Nevada?

I'm so proud of you for doing that! You are an inspiration!

Laura said...

Good for you girl, what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday...Kevin is awesome. How'd you like the movie? And good for you for drinking a Sierra Nevada instead of a Sierra Mist!

Rachel said...

What an awesome gift from your husband! And I'm so proud of you for letting yourself take that time. I flew to St. Louis this last weekend by myself, and while I wasn't alone for as long as you were (I met friends there) I had dinner by myself, just reading my book, and I think that was my favorite part, too.

Blah Blah Blayla said...

I agree, sounds like a delightful way to enjoy the day. Something refreshing happens when extraverted people spend time in solitude! One day I will have to tell you about the 2 weeks I spent at a women's monastery living in solitude with nuns... of course Bob Green's idea but it turned out to be really refreshing and fascinating!

No one follows grammar rules anymore...
I know I am totally guilty of that (I overuse "...", "!" and underuse capitalization and commas) but I love this podcast Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips with tons of grammar tips so I can at least know the difference between things like "biweekly" and "semiweekly"! :)