Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Just Call it a Popsicle" Mood

Somehow, some way, lime popsicles looked good to me one day in the Trader Joe's freezer section. And they ARE good. Sweet, a little sour, cold, and confoundingly weighty in the hand to the point that your fingers get sore only an eighth of the way into eating the thing. But my good ol' favorite store Trader Joe's does not call them popsicles. They are "Fruit Floes". I'm all for a good ol' fashioned ounce of pretension, but really. Sometimes their product naming department is just a little too dear. And tonight I'm in a "Just Call it a Popsicle" mood.

Also an issue in my current mood:
Does the man I share a bed with HAVE to order a pepperjack burger at dinner? HAVE to?

My new flip phone is WAY easier to hold than my old flat phone, and WAY easier to dial and text with, but it pinched the living crap out of my finger yesterday. Is this some sort of joke? We have the technology to put a phone, camera, and internet connection in a package the size of a half-eaten granola bar, but can't pinch-proof the thing?

NBC was stupid to let go of "Scrubs". It's just as darn good on its new network!
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