Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Started off the day making jewelry boxes with heart shapes on them at Lowe's. It was me and the girls. And forty-thousand other small children all hammering away. QUITE the noise factory. But they both did their own carpentry and it was fun.

No Valentine's Day is complete without a visit to the hospital! Again, me and the girls traveled across town to visit my dad - the proud recipient of artificial hip number two! He said he plans to be jumping over houses in no time. I guess after years of pain and handicap, you sorta get lofty goals.

We spent hours outside this afternoon in the crisp, sunny winter weather. My hands are still numb, but it was a fun time in the fresh air!

Scrambled eggs and heart-shaped waffles are on the menu for the night.

And our big date is watching "Fireproof" after the kids go to bed. I've heard good things, so I expect to enjoy it.

Other than that, we have four twenty-year old guys staying at our house tonight. Maybe I can get them talking about their Valentines back home! They're traveling with a Catholic Evangelistic team and they're great guys.

That's it for the Love household on St. Valentine's Day. Lest you think I didn't get my fair share of sweet treats, I did have a party the other day and served some fun desserts: homemade caramel popcorn, Snickerdoodles, Cranberry-Orange pinwheels, toffee, and a to-die-for white-chocolate raspberry bundt cake from the yummiest cake bakery in the neighborhood! Plus some store-bought cream puffs and festive M&M's Oh! And pink citrus punch and chai tea latte. Man, I know how to do dessert!!!

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