Monday, January 25, 2010

Aw, shucks...

I'm actually typing with tears in my eyes. Thanks, friends, for the words of encouragement. I needed them.

I had a pretty icky headache that started late yesterday afternoon and was still there when I went to bed. Also some mild nausea, but I'm not sure if the nausea was a withdrawal symptom or just stress-related since this feels crazy right now.

Haven't even received Potatoes Not Prozac in the mail yet, but I started reading Lick the Sugar Habit (which I ordered instead of Suicide by Sugar as I'd said in my post). I finished the book in one day. Quitting sugar scares the living crap out of me. I ranted to Kevin, "This is impossible! It's ridiculous!" after I reviewed an "eating plan" suggestion toward the end of the book. His reply: "Why do you think so few people do it?" To his credit, he told me he would give it up too (at least around me) and that means a lot.

And standing at that ice cream freezer I felt like I was (please don't roll your eyes) staring at my best friend and trying to come up with an explanation for why we can't hang out anymore. It sucks. Plus, that "best friend" will be nearly everywhere and I'll have to constantly ignore her.

Funny how I try to backpedal and justify things. "Well, maybe I'm not THAT bad." But I can't think of any other reason for out-of-the-blue rage and depression. We'll see if it works. Thanks for the kind comments.

(Amy, it thrills me to know even one person who has done this. I may be calling you.)
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