Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Dollhouse

Over a year ago, I blogged about the oodles of dollhouse furniture my dad made my girls--- with no house!

This year, dad bought the house, but we had to assemble it ourselves. Or, rather, Kevin had to assemble it. I was the designated painter - a much easier job.

I love dollhouses, and I hoped as it came together that the girls would love theirs. I will say that Kevin didn't love putting it together. Here is some documentation.

It was a frustrating endeavor at times. I could tell by the swearing, the tantrums, and the breaks he had to take to keep from throwing it into the dumpster. So the expression he's wearing, and the knife threat above are accurate depictions of the experience. Good thing he's a construction manager, and not a worker in his career world.

Putting the siding on. By this point, there was an end in sight so Kevin was much more calm. Also, we had adjusted to the sleep deprivation of working on it late nights after the kids were in bed.

Christmas Eve I painted the thing and sealed the roof (we don't want leaks in rainstorms). Yes, the downstairs smelled toxic. No, I didn't care. It was finished!

I got the paint on the "oops" shelf at the hardware store, so I had to take the shade of pink that was available. Turns out to be the exact color of my childhood home - no joke. And here it sits in the girls' room. Well loved, well played-with, well finished! Hallelujah.
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