Thursday, January 28, 2010

Potatoes for Breakfast and Other Strange Happenings

Last night at 9:00 I started scrubbing potatoes and wrapping them in foil and Kevin looked at me like I was a little weird.

After they were baked, I let them cool and wrapped 'em up in plastic wrap and put 'em in the frig.

This morning, I cut up a half a potato and sauteed it in butter. For breakfast. It was beyond odd. Yes, I've had hash browns before, but normally prepared by someone else, and most often at a restaurant. It is unheard of for me to cook anything for myself other than eggs before noon.

Potatoes may be a new staple. And eggs, probably hard-boiled since I can do them ahead of time. And when I start getting really exotic, perhaps I will try scrambling them in coconut oil, as I have recently learned from a sugar-free friend. In fact, the health benefits of good coconut oil were twice shared with me yesterday, from friends in different cities.

It is Day 5 of the no-sugar plan. I had a twinge of longing yesterday when my kids each had a rootbeer candy from a store we went to and the van was filled with the sweet aroma. But aside from the expected grief, I'm doing okay.

One big benefit I can see, aside from no longer acting like a raving lunatic, is that I'm going to have to get better at cooking. I could slack before since all I really cared about was dessert, but no longer. I think this week's meal plan reflects my efforts to branch out a bit --- and some selfishness is reflected as well. For instance, no one in my family likes shrimp, but it's going in tonight's Jambalaya because I love it and I gotta have something to look forward to. Plus, there's chicken in there, too, so they'll survive.

Our meals this week:

Monday - Tortellini, from a DELICIOUS recipe including spinach, ham, peppers, and butter.
Tuesday - Quesadillas, easy-breezy since I had moms' group.
Wednesday - Salmon. Very few members of the family ate it, but I thought it was scrumptious!
Thursday - Crockpot Jambalaya - I can't wait!
Friday - Adobo Chicken. I've never had this before. Another experiment. Out of Sam Zien's cookbook. I like him. Hope I like his adobo chicken recipe.
Saturday - Artichoke chicken. Potentially yummy.
Sunday - Hamburgers (my kids have to eat sometime!)


Baby-Mama Runner said...

I love eating non breakfast things for breakfast. I got on a stir fry kick a couple years ago. I would fill a pan with frozen stir fry veggies nd some left over meat from the night before then add a little soy sauce or stir fry sauce (which is probably filled with sugar). YUM!!!!

heathorock said...

chicken adobo. man that sounds good. i made some in the crock pot some months ago and it was DELICIOUS! enjoy...

Vicki R. said...

How did you cook the salmon? We need to eat more fish around here (esp. since everyone loves it!). Always looking for new ideas. Congrats on getting to Day 5!