Thursday, January 7, 2010

Darned if you do...

...and darned if you don't.

I love chili. No one else in my family likes it, but I keep hoping if I tweak it just the right way, I'll trick them into eating and liking it.

But then, when I go through all the effort to make home-made and they barely touch it, I'm annoyed. So I got a bag of Fritos and some canned stuff and tried again tonight. Didn't go over well. It honestly looked like dog food. I don't blame anyone for not loving it, but I put the Fritos right into the bowls with the chili, so they had to eat just a little bit to get the Fritos.

Put forth effort, get annoyed at the waste of time. Buy canned chili, get grossed out. I give up!

P.S. I have a stomachache.

1 comment:

littlecbsmom said...

I have to agree, that stuff is pretty bad....

Even I like chilli and I am pretty picky, but as not as much as my kids. I made the best pot of chilli last year and made the boys try it. Connor said it was the worst thing ever and even wrote in his journal about it:)

Maybe one day we will get together for a chilli lunch!