Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sewing Career So Far

In about 1983, I took a home economics class at my junior high. My main memories of the class include a handwashing seminar (probably review from Kindergarten); baking a pineapple upside down cake (which is disgusting and I haven't had since); and (attempting) to sew a shorts outfit from white fabric with tiny red polka dots (sure to give most people over the age of nine a migraine headache).

The pineapple upside-down cake turned out fine. The shorts outfit, if I remember correctly, was never finished and I flunked.

In spring of 2008, my neighbor got the bright idea that we should make Easter dresses for our daughters. She promised to help me. We chose patterns and fabric and ribbon for trim and zippers. The next couple months were spent carving out time to sit at the sewing machine and try to piece the dress together. It went better than I expected, but I had a LOT of help.

This Christmas I got a sewing machine from Kevin. I love it! I didn't expect to (thanks to the home ec experience and a few other issues with my expert-seamstress mother), but I do.

So far, I've sewn sheets for the girls' dolls (my first "project"); some dress-up capes, and a flannel nightgown for Bethanie's doll, Emma. I can tell Emma appreciates it. Bethanie certainly does. Now I have fabric for some gift items, a NY Giants pillowcase for Joe, and a jumper for Cayna's doll, Julie. We'll see if I have the courage to move on from 18-inch doll clothes and simple rectangular items.
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