Friday, January 15, 2010

Walk, don't run

I do like running. But I like having company better, and I can't find running buddies. So I'm walking. Walking terrifies people less than running. And now I have two friends willing to go out walking a few times a week. We go just over three miles, and we end up jogging a bit because one walking buddy (Kristi) is convinced it's easier on some of her achy leg muscles. Fine with me! Maybe this will catch on and I will have developed running buddies accidentally.

I'm afraid their interest in exercise is going to fizzle out, so I feel this need to make it as exciting as possible. You know, pointing out the beautiful scenery, providing stimulating conversation. And, once last week as we set off onto a scary dark path I blurted out the line from Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "I have a gun! And a scorching case of herpes!" It worked. No one attacked us. Apparently I scared Sharon Anne to death, though because I yelled so loud.

Our next walk involves flashlights, off-roading, and mountain lion repellant. Wish us luck!
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