Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 1 --- Ugh.

This is it, folks. Day 1 of no more sugar.

Did you watch "Friends"? If so, remember Fun Bobby? Fun Bobby was not so fun once they figured out he was an alcoholic and he stopped drinking.

I picture myself becoming not-so-fun Teri if I don't eat sugar. What will become of me? I've never tried such a thing. Even in the remotest parts of India, I found candy bars and sat eating them on a stone bench.

New parts of my personality never-before revealed will appear and it is yet to be determined how favorable they will be.

In a move of excruciating irony, we had to bring dessert to friends' house for dinner. Decided to pick up a box of ice cream sandwiches for the kids, so I found myself standing before the freezer section at the grocery store. The ICE CREAM section of the freezer section. With hundreds of ice cream choices arrayed before my eyes the thought of giving up sugar seemed preposterous. And so it is. But I'm willing to try preposterous in the name of my mental health. One note: If, after a year, I am not a new woman free of rages and mood swings, I am going RIGHT back to the ice cream section!


Baby-Mama Runner said...

If you give it a year without any noticible improvement before you give up, that will be proof positive that the sugar thing was an issue! Anxious to hear how it goes!

Laura said...

are you really doing this for a year? You're amazing, simply amazing...please keep us posted, you might inspire me :)

littlecbsmom said...

I assume you got your books? I have heard great things happening for people and it sounds like you have a great incentive!

I can't wait to hear what you are eating....I don't think I even realize how many things have sugar that we don't even know about! I'm sure you will keep us posted!

Congratulations on Day ! WHHOOO!

Amy said...

Oh, Teri! I am so excited for you to see what this does for you. I did this in August of 2008. I am telling you it is the BEST thing I ever did. The first two weeks were pretty bad, All the things I was trying to stop doing by mot eating sugar were worse! I was so irritable and mean and rage-y. I don't say that to discourage you. After two weeks of intense cravings and raging headaches they just disappeared. Cravings were gone!

It does take creativity when you find out everything that has sugar in it but it is so worth it.

Quitting sugar has been the best thing for my family. I was able to quit taking my St. John's Wort because my depression, gone! And I consider it a side benefit that I lost 18 lbs. by changing nothing but the sugar.

One little tip that helped me-- get a good natural peanut butter. Costco brand with no hydrogenated stuff or sugar. When the cravings were bad I would eat a big spoonful of that.

{{{hugs}}} to you as you start this journey!

Home Sweet Home said...

Good luck Teri. I agree with Amy, peanut butter would be a good thing. I don't do peanut butter, but I do almond butter and although it is not on my diet, it is the only thing that keeps me going when I crave it intensly. Yes, two weeks is all it takes to get over the craving. Unfortunately our world revolves around sugar and the social part is very very very hard!
Liquid stevia is a good sweetner. You can get it at Whole Foods. The one with vanilla mixed in is very yummy.I don't care for the powder stevia. I made lemonaide with it today and the kids love it too.
Also, great choice for the dessert. Don't try to make cookies for the kids either because you will eat the batter:) I was only able to do this one time without.

Vicki R. said...

For me, ice cream would be the hardest part of giving up sugar - although they do have sugar-free ice I guess I could get used to that.

Good luck! I'm sure there will be benefits even if you just got to a point of limiting your sugar intake (not that I'm trying to hold you back!!) ;) Can't wait to hear how the journey goes!