Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 1 --- Ugh.

This is it, folks. Day 1 of no more sugar.

Did you watch "Friends"? If so, remember Fun Bobby? Fun Bobby was not so fun once they figured out he was an alcoholic and he stopped drinking.

I picture myself becoming not-so-fun Teri if I don't eat sugar. What will become of me? I've never tried such a thing. Even in the remotest parts of India, I found candy bars and sat eating them on a stone bench.

New parts of my personality never-before revealed will appear and it is yet to be determined how favorable they will be.

In a move of excruciating irony, we had to bring dessert to friends' house for dinner. Decided to pick up a box of ice cream sandwiches for the kids, so I found myself standing before the freezer section at the grocery store. The ICE CREAM section of the freezer section. With hundreds of ice cream choices arrayed before my eyes the thought of giving up sugar seemed preposterous. And so it is. But I'm willing to try preposterous in the name of my mental health. One note: If, after a year, I am not a new woman free of rages and mood swings, I am going RIGHT back to the ice cream section!
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