Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comfy School

The school my kids are enrolled in provides me with a "consultant". Our consultant lives on a dairy farm in the midwest. She told me once that when she was homeschooling her daughter they would occasionally, in the winter, stay under the warm covers in the morning with some books and tackle a few subjects in their pajamas. That always sounded fun to me, but it didn't happen until today.

Joe woke up earlier than the other kids and asked if we could go downstairs and do some school before the girls woke up. I was enjoying being lazy on my bed, so suggested he bring books upstairs. He did. We finished history, Latin, geography, and poetry before eight o'clock a.m. Granted, three of those subjects demand only a few minutes each for memory work - and I was dressed and lounging on my already-made bed - AND we don't live in the cold midwest. But our house is at least a bit chilly and my bed is comfy even when it's made and it was nice and felt VERY productive to cross four subjects off the list before breakfast. So I had my homeschool fun for the day.

Join us later this afternoon when we plant TWO cactus/succulent gardens for a science experiment.
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