Friday, January 8, 2010

Those stinkin' photo frame ornaments

Years ago my mom gave me several beautiful photo frame ornaments. A couple years later, mother-in-law gave me four more. This year, another from a friend. AAAAAAA!!! They collected in a box because I don't have/take the time to sit down and print out teeny-tiny photos to go IN them.

Last night I sat down and did it. Took me less than an hour (shocker! how many dreaded chores would take WAY less time than I fear if I just tackled them?). I put a "first Christmas" baby photo of each of the kids in a frame, and a photo of Kevin and me in a "Love" frame. Still had a "Joy" one, and it was a no-brainer what photo to add there - one of our house covered in snow last December - still one of my favorite, most joyous days ever.

So the "chore" turned out to be not so tedious.

But, please, no more photo frames anyone. I can't handle the pressure.
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