Friday, January 8, 2010

Those stinkin' photo frame ornaments

Years ago my mom gave me several beautiful photo frame ornaments. A couple years later, mother-in-law gave me four more. This year, another from a friend. AAAAAAA!!! They collected in a box because I don't have/take the time to sit down and print out teeny-tiny photos to go IN them.

Last night I sat down and did it. Took me less than an hour (shocker! how many dreaded chores would take WAY less time than I fear if I just tackled them?). I put a "first Christmas" baby photo of each of the kids in a frame, and a photo of Kevin and me in a "Love" frame. Still had a "Joy" one, and it was a no-brainer what photo to add there - one of our house covered in snow last December - still one of my favorite, most joyous days ever.

So the "chore" turned out to be not so tedious.

But, please, no more photo frames anyone. I can't handle the pressure.


heather said...

My photo frames sat next to my computer the entire month of December waiting for pictures. They are not packed away with all of the Christmas stuff....still waiting for pictures. Good job, Teri!

Teri said...

Heather - they are SUCH a pain! That's so funny, mine were in a little Christmas box next to my computer all through the season last year - then this year they just sat on my desk. I'm so glad they're done. I swore I'd throw them out if I didn't get to them this year.