Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Firing Elvis

It's true. Time to can my psychiatrist. We gave it a go, we had some laughs, and I spent a lot of money on the relationship - but it's just not working out for me.

I'll spare my beloved readers the sordid (read: boring) details of the breakup, but suffice to say I will no longer be taking any prescription medication.

So... in the grand tradition of all the other wackos out there who "graduate themselves" from therapy, I went online to try to find another solution. At the lovely, I ordered a copy of Potatoes Not Prozac, having heard about it years ago on a mothering website I used to be a part of. Then, thanks to Amazon's clever marketing, I went ahead and ordered Suicide by Sugar and Sugar Blues as well.

Even if it's a longshot, this is in an effort to be proactive and find something that works for me. I ordered the three books above, plus one on running to get me going again, and I'm still coming in cheaper than one visit to Elvis (who I posted about back here). Note: Elvis did eventually prescribe a total of three medications, all of which I tried for many months.

I fully expect this to revolutionize my life, and I will turn into one of those extremists who goes on an on about my own life changes and insists everyone else do the same. I will rename my blog "Sugar Sucks" and while I will no longer be prone to anger and moodiness, those will be replaced with narrow-minded nutritional nonsense and a teeny bit of arrogance. Plus, there's always the slight chance that, failing to live up to my new ideals, I'll revert to my practices as a preschooler when my parents found a shoebox of sugar under my bed.*

*Totally not kidding. This may really explain some of my problems!


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Elvis has left... sorry, couldn't resist!

HEY, seeing your post in my reader reminded me that I wanted to get the info on the May weekend retreat - can you email or post the basics? Are you going again? I'd really like to try and go this year!

littlecbsmom said...

That is too funny! I am anxious to hear how your new research goes! Hopefully your friends and readers can stop you from becoming to extreme...keep us posted!

Laura said...

I want to borrow all those books when you're done with them! I've been thinking about trying to give up my addiction to sugar, not sure if I'm ready. I have been thinking I need a trip to the counseling office, I figure sometimes it's just easier to pay someone to listen to me than dump on the ones I love, but I kinda like your point! :)

Vicki R. said...

From one former Prozac user to another - congrats on the graduation!

I graduated myself after one year of being on the meds & 1 year of counseling (not a pychiatrist, though). My counseling ended with bad closure - I was really bummed the way it all happened. But I'm thankful I haven't felt a huge need to go back to the meds.

I'd love to hear your take on the sugar books - not sure what my deal is these days, lack of exercise, general mommy blues or what - but it's the closest I've come since way back when to needing to be proactive in getting help for my anger & mood swings.