Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Firing Elvis

It's true. Time to can my psychiatrist. We gave it a go, we had some laughs, and I spent a lot of money on the relationship - but it's just not working out for me.

I'll spare my beloved readers the sordid (read: boring) details of the breakup, but suffice to say I will no longer be taking any prescription medication.

So... in the grand tradition of all the other wackos out there who "graduate themselves" from therapy, I went online to try to find another solution. At the lovely, I ordered a copy of Potatoes Not Prozac, having heard about it years ago on a mothering website I used to be a part of. Then, thanks to Amazon's clever marketing, I went ahead and ordered Suicide by Sugar and Sugar Blues as well.

Even if it's a longshot, this is in an effort to be proactive and find something that works for me. I ordered the three books above, plus one on running to get me going again, and I'm still coming in cheaper than one visit to Elvis (who I posted about back here). Note: Elvis did eventually prescribe a total of three medications, all of which I tried for many months.

I fully expect this to revolutionize my life, and I will turn into one of those extremists who goes on an on about my own life changes and insists everyone else do the same. I will rename my blog "Sugar Sucks" and while I will no longer be prone to anger and moodiness, those will be replaced with narrow-minded nutritional nonsense and a teeny bit of arrogance. Plus, there's always the slight chance that, failing to live up to my new ideals, I'll revert to my practices as a preschooler when my parents found a shoebox of sugar under my bed.*

*Totally not kidding. This may really explain some of my problems!
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