Saturday, January 16, 2010

We worked well together

Recently, I gave a talk on Marriage at church. I've given a similar talk before, but this time the format was different. This time, I gave my portion of the talk following our pastor, Father Mark. Father Mark is a canon lawyer. He's also funny, and those two qualities made me look forward to hearing what he had to say on the topic. After he spoke, I got up to share what largely amounted to a testimony of my experiences with the annulment process and learning what the church teaches on artificial contraception and why.

Today I saw him and he told me he thought I did a good talk and that we worked well together. I thanked him and agreed that we made a good team. Canon law compliments a newly-Catholic woman in the trenches, and vice versa. And the cool thing is we'll be repeating it for a different group in the near future.

Just chalk this up as one more new experience for me in my Catholicism - sharing a podium with a Priest! I'm honored, and it was just darn fun, too.

Stay tuned for reports on how my first talk on Mary goes. It's a couple months away, and I have a bit more reading and some serious prayer ahead to get prepared.
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