Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grape Soda Jesus

Wouldn't you think I would have something God-breathed to share on a Sunday? I'm sure I could come up with a topic, God's always at work in my life --- but maybe not in ways I care to rehash in my blog. At least not every Sabbath.

So, instead, I want to share that yesterday I got to drink a Grape soda. I love Grape soda, and I haven't had one since I lived in Hanford and was pregnant with Cayna. My good friend Colette had one on hand when I was having a craving. Bless her.

Bought a whole 12-pack yesterday with a friend who recently confessed she, too, loves Grape soda. And her family growing up, like mine, rarely had soda in the house. So Grape soda was for her a treat they got when they took family camping trips. While the guys went out to BWW for football and chicken last night - the girls (and many many children) had dinner together. Dinner included Grape soda (for the grown-ups - the kids had water -- they have to have the same experience of soda being a rare treat, right?). It was sooooooo good. Even with the freakishly unnatural bluish-purplish foam forming at the top reminding me of a nuclear accident, it was delicioso!

Jesus gets mentioned in the post title because it's still His day...even if I decide to blog about other things. Amen!
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