Thursday, April 15, 2010

After the Talk

It's me... POST-talk Teri. The much more at-ease, peaceful Teri than the PRE-talk girl who was edgy and distracted most of the week.

It was really really fun to speak to the Young Adults group at our parish tonight. I thought there would be no familiar faces, so I was thrilled to see Jeanine and Andrea (along with Violet and Ivy). Nick and Shannon, and all who serve the group are providing a valuable ministry. I loved it! I loved seeing a group of young men and women who want to get to know God better and hang out with each other at church.

I enjoyed the topic, "How to Deepen and Strengthen Our Prayer Lives" and I trust that the Holy Spirit will draw everyone there closer to him with some of the scripture and ideas presented.

In order to deepen and strengthen my own prayer life, I better get some sleep.
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