Monday, April 19, 2010

Day By Day, Play By Play

Friday we found the house.

Saturday we waited all day to hear back from the realtor. Then we scheduled a showing for Monday.

Sunday we wondered all day about possible changes for our family.

Today we were both nervous all day long, without understanding why. This afternoon, we looked at the house.

Tonight we prayed, talked to friends, and tried one last time with one last e-mail to see if buying the house we're in now is possible.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we'll have some certain direction. Either move forward with purchasing this house, or make an offer on the other.

Then the torturous wait to see if the offer gets accepted or not.

From there, either escrow will open or there will be more waiting to see what other options God will introduce.


Vicki R. said...

WOW - exciting times! Were you able to sell the home in CA?

Patricia said...

I will pray! You seem so settled where you are but as always, God knows best. Best wishes for some quick resolution.

Baby-Mama Runner said...

Oooooh real estate stress. Gives me shivers of pleasure and makes me want to cry at the same time! Good luck. Can't wait to hear what happens.