Friday, April 23, 2010

Loves on Ice

Thanks to our Canadian friends, who must miss their native climate, we all went ice skating last weekend.

The kids did great! I was impressed with how well they all did. Even John... well, especially John --- he lacks the fears and the trepidation that his Mommy has about everything. Plus he was just so stinkin' cute in tiny ice skates!

Here's Kev with Bethanie. Good thing Kevin is brave and strong. I would NEVER carry a kid while on ice skates - that wouldn't end pretty.

Joe and Cayna smiling and enjoying every minute! Cayna was all about speed and tricks - somehow she thought it was great fun to zoom along and then fall to her knees and slide. Ouch! - (if you ask me.)

And handsome John on his booty-butt (as Cayna calls it) - where he really spent a lot of time, but didn't mind. He never wanted to leave the ice.
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