Friday, April 23, 2010

No flu for me!

No sirree, but Kevin sure got it! (Wasn't it just Wednesday I was trying to conjure up the flu for myself to get out of my upcoming talk?)

It's one thing to be up all night with sick kids, quite another to be up all night with a sick husband.

Now, fourteen hours later, I've disinfected everything (even the floor!); washed the sheets; had a short and much-needed nap on the couch; and even went out to Home Depot with all four kids to swipe a half-million paint chips. If I have to go insane waiting to hear about this house, the only way to keep it under control is to imagine decorating. I think I made Kevin a little nervous when I asked him at dinner last night: "Would you like that cool island in the kitchen any less if it was painted orange?"

So life goes on. Before the wild rumpus with illness started last night, I did finish filling in my talk outline. I have a bit more reading to do on the approved Marian apparitions. (If you're Protestant, look that up! You'll be freaked out for sure!) And a lot more praying to do. I am convinced that the only thing that will improve my talk at this point is increased love for these high school students. And the only thing that will increase my love for high school students is God's working.
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