Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time Machine

Today I cared for fever-boy (day 3 of 102 degrees and higher); homeschooled; dusted; vacuumed; cleaned a pus-and-blood-filled infected pierced ear on a screaming six year-old; and then hopped into Mike Nalley's Saturn. It might as well have been a time machine, traveling into my past, as we zoomed to the UNLV campus for Rebel Christian Fellowship's Thursday night Large Group meeting.

RCF staff Mattie Goins asked a few of us old fogies from InterVarsity past to come share some of our stories of people investing in us for Jesus and how we in turn invested in others.

We met in the Student Union Theater... a place not in existence in the student union I knew in the 1990s. The NEW student union boasts a Taco Bell and a Panda Express, among other things. It's also three stories high instead of the old two. It's unrecognizable. Somewhere in the new frame, there still exists the exact spot where I first met Kevin Love in 1994. Plus all the old rooms overlooking Pida Plaza and the "mall" where we had countless Large Group meetings when I was a student and then a staff.

I really appreciated and enjoyed being there. I still love college students. It was a joy to meet this new generation - many generations past when I went off staff. I met a guy named John who I am SURE to remember to pray for because #1 - he is following God's call to lead dorm ministry (which both Kevin and I loved); #2 - his name is John, so that's easy to remember (since I have a son with the same name!); #3 - he is a sophomore in Construction Management - just like my hubby (the Construction Management part, not the sophomore part).

It was a good night, and not just because I got to leave behind the fever, the pus, the housework and the bedtime duties (though that certainly was a perk).

Viva RCF!
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