Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Offer made

We signed the offer papers yesterday afternoon, and they went to the seller's realtor. Assuming they're signed right away, the bank should have them by Monday at the latest. This is a short sale (what isn't right now?) so it could take weeks to hear whether our offer is accepted. Then escrow is another month or more.

We knew our realtor went to our church, and she talked about her kids and grandkids, but in a longer discussion yesterday, I figured out that her daughter is Susan - a woman I've also met at church and am acquainted with in a neat way. I helped start a moms' group two years ago and it has a member list a mile long. There are far more women on the e-mail list than we see at monthly meetings or other gatherings. Susan is one of those who is on the list, but never makes it to meetings. She works full-time, has three kids, and her husband works varying night and weekend shifts. She's also going to nursing school. Yet, she doesn't appear to be the stressed-out maniac I would be in her shoes. And here's the clincher - even though she NEVER benefits from our Moms' Group, EVERY TIME an e-mail goes out appealing for meals to be taken to a new mom, Susan cooks and delivers. I am so amazed by that. She really has a servant heart like Jesus. So yesterday when I figured out which Susan we were talking about - I got tears in my eyes talking about what a great woman she is. Which then made the realtor get tears in her eyes - and then Kevin came in from looking at something in the backyard and wondered what exactly had transpired in three minutes resulting in a whole lot of girly gobbledygook.

So... I like that my realtor not only goes to my church, but is the mom of an amazing woman. Then we found out the inspector who will check out the house ALSO goes to our church and we don't know them well, but see them every week at Mass. They have five kids, one a newborn, and I just ran into her in the bathroom last Sunday changing her baby boy's diaper and heard more about her life (she works, too --- when??? --- and her daughter plays football... and she can't keep up on laundry...)

ALSO... it turns out that our good friend Derryck has been friends with our seller since high school. So every time Kevin thinks of a question about the house, he texts Derryck and Derryck texts the seller/friend and we hear fun facts like: yes, it's a real hardwood floor; yes, the Foosball table stays; etc.

So at least while we wait this possibly extended time, we seemed to be surrounded by people we know. Kinda fun.
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