Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom of Five

When I found out I was expecting my fifth child, I thought of the families I know with five children. Karen R. in Yucaipa, Barbara C. in Yucaipa, Laura W. in Fresno, and my Nana, who had five - my dad being the youngest.

I sent an e-mail to Barbara (thinking Karen and Laura would read my blog or Kevin's facebook - and knowing Nana probably found out in heaven!). Barbara is a friend of mine who started out as my friend's mom. She is sharp, funny, loving, Godly, and mildly crazy (which I think you can blame on the five kids). She has known me since I was in high school, and by freakish circumstances, we both ended up a few years back in Yucaipa, California at the same time and went to Bible study together. I'll forever remember that she's the one I called to watch Joe and Cayna during Bethanie's birth - and she brought us all Subway for dinner after Bethanie arrived.

Her oldest daughter, Sandee was my friend starting in our senior year of high school, and we were roommates for a few years following high school. I was with Sandee when she got the news that her mom (Barbara) was pregnant with baby #5. We were 21 at the time. I thought it was so neat! Not many 21 year-olds get news of their mom's pregnancies. I went to the baby shower, met new baby Destiny after she appeared on New Year's Eve in the early 90s, and even babysat her a few times. Years later, in Yucaipa, Destiny babysat my kids.

It was fun to e-mail Barbara and tell her our news, especially since my baby #5 is due around the same time of year as her baby #5 was. For the honest record, I am older than Barbara was when Destiny was born - but I'm trying not to think of that! Here is the fun e-mail that Barbara sent back:

Well, well, Mrs. Love,

Do you know you missed April the first?????? Are you sure??????? 5 kids......who would do that???

I am honored to be one of the people you would share this news with. I am so happy and excited for you all!!!!!! This is why they have words like, HOLY COW! and HOLY BUCKETS! and GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING! and WOW! and NO WAY! and ARE YOU KIDDING! and PSHAWWW! and YIPPEE! and YANKEE DOODLE!!!!!!

"Kevin and Teri Plus Five" does not even rhyme---you will need a different name for your reality show.

You do deserve a prize.

I think back to the days when I was telling people about #5 on the way and it was kind of fun! How exciting for you. It does not mean you are crazy, it means God thinks you can be trusted to have and raise another little person. You are doing a wonderful job and He is rewarding you and Kevin with blessings as high as heaven. You are very blessed and lucky. I will be sending prayers your way and lots of love. Larry is very happy for you---even though he thought you had three---he missed John entirely! Men! He loves being the father of 5 and the crown jewel is Grandfather of 10. Get ready for your future! I wish I some great words of wisdom but I do not----just tears of joy! Congratulations.

Your Christmas will be exciting this year. I wonder if you will have the first baby of 2011 and be on the news and get showered with baby gifts? I like Destiny's day because she thinks the whole world has a party for her.

You will never have enough silverware---who ever thought of sets of 8?!! (I bet you know this one already)
You need a bigger hot water heater
Take all the pictures you can afford!
As my older kids said to me--no more cloth diapers--get disposables!
Take care of yourself so you can climb the bleachers at the stadium when #5 graduates!
You will need a bigger mantle for the Christmas stockings
You will go to "back to School" night in September till you are at least 58

I was thinking of you last week. I drove down the Boulevard and I was thinking "I am still mad at that Teri for moving!!!!! I miss you.

I can not wait to hear who wins the tie breaker----the girls or the boys!

Barbara Mother of Five
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