Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He's on facebook. Wonders never cease.

Did you feel the earth tremble? Kevin joined facebook.

When I joined AGES ago, he looked over my shoulder and was less than enchanted. But he agreed that it looked like a lot of fun for me (he was right - if you've read my blog much, you've heard stories of my fantastic addiction to facebook. I had to quit when my children started going without food or attention for days at a time.)

Last night I came back from running and he was staring at his facebook page. "Where is my wall?" he asked. And: "What am I supposed to do?"

It was truly a shift in the universe as I know it. Never in our sixteen years of knowing each other have I ever EVER known anything on the computer that he doesn't. I attribute this to the fact that facebook is all about relationships and chit-chat and networking and the part of Kevin's brain that deals with relationships, chit-chat and networking has been overtaken by the part of his brain that deals with everything else. He can design a pipeline to move poop from your house to the treatment plant to the lake; he can tackle and subdue mathematical equations that would stupefy any liberal arts major; and he can recall truths penned by early Church Fathers that he read two years ago in a volume the size of a phone book. But ask the guy to type in his "status" on facebook and he is at an embarrassing loss.

He told me, as I sat there drinking in the sight of him on a social networking site, that his coworker Dawn shared how when her boyfriend signed up, he had 540 friend requests within 22 seconds. With all due respect to Dawn's boyfriend (and I've met him - he's a nice guy) - Kevin is NOT that networker. He'll get many important jobs done in his life, but collecting buddies in his jacket pocket isn't one of them. So it's refreshing and amusing to watch him on facebook. (Plus, let's be honest, it's similar to having a nibble of Snickers bar when I've given up all sugar!)

I love you, Kev! And I love that you're on facebook. (It's almost like Steve Carell joining Tina Fey's book group on "Date Night".) Now if only those friend requests you put out there come back favorably.
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