Monday, November 24, 2008


At breakfast this morning, Cayna's topic of choice was "Marry" (Her way of saying "Marriage".) She is currently fascinated by it. This may have a little bit to do with the fact that at the age of five, she recently met her future spouse. In fact, she went to his birthday party this weekend. His name is Noah, and I have not met him (Kevin took her to the party) - but she pointed him out to me after school today and I must say I had a very "generation-gap" type of response (though I did keep it to myself): "HIM?" He must be at least a foot shorter than Cayna (which may be a problem throughout her life) and he has the haircut of a Bee Gee. I was discussing this with my friend, who also has a betrothed five year-old daughter (all the kids are in the same class) and we agreed that the current style is a psychotic mix of 60s and 80s. Ew! Mohawks also appear to be very popular and in my narrow-minded, conservative opinion - I'm glad Cayna's guy doesn't have a mohawk. That would just be too precious (as if the rest of this whole scenario isn't).

Anyway, over Cheerios, Cayna discussed how she and Noah would live far away and we could visit and if they have children she'll name them Emma and Dominic. I'm guessing none of this has been discussed with Noah - holy Toledo!

When Cayna paused to take a bite of cereal, Bethanie told us she knew who she wants to marry, too. "Who?" ----- "Jesus."

Well, there you go. Two years ago, I would have heard that and thought, "How sweet!" Now that we're Catholic, this means little Miss three year-old Bethanie is considering the Religious Life. In plain words - she's gonna be a nun! That's who "marries Jesus," ladies and gentlemen.

I'll visit Emma and Dominic from time to time, ignoring their father's hairstyle - and stop by the convent occasionally to pray with Bethanie. Wow, I'm 38 and my retirement years are already shaping right up!
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