Saturday, November 8, 2008


My baby is over a year old now. I've reached those golden days for the fourth time when I get a good look around me, take a deep breath and realize, "Oh, YEAH... things ARE different when you're not seriously sleep-deprived and constantly nursing and lacking any control or predictability!"

So... it's amazing what jobs I've come up with that I'd like to tackle now that life has a little more shape again:

Finally finish tearing down ugly wallpaper borders

Finish sanding my rocking chair and prep it for painting



Select paint colors for a fantasy world where we buy this house & can liven up the walls

Check off jobs from the list of "big" chores I compiled

I was thinking it was the work that brought me peace, and to some extent it is. But I think it's just the fact that for now, for however long it lasts, I can breathe a little. And while John takes a reliable nap in the afternoon, I work in the yard in the sun with the rest of the family and feel the joy of a little more rest and a lot more ability to do something like prune a rosebush or re-orient stepping stones.


Laura said...

This is looking a lot like a to do list....remember we decided to abandon those in August or Sept when we didn't nearly accomplish what we wanted to? Good for you! I'll be waiting for the updates!

Teri said...

You're so right! I didn't even think of this as a to-do list but essentially it is. Funny how that creeps in, huh?
Oh, well - at least it's a fun one.

Rachel said...

I had the same high when Ben reached that point, then I realized that while I was sleep-deprived I wasn't feeding us well, keeping up with the laundry, or basically anything essential to life, and all that extra energy I thought I'd move mountains with is required simply to get us up to snuff. Does that make sense?

Teri said...

When I have a baby under a year, my three areas of concentration are dishes, laundry, groceries. That's it! If the bathroom doesn't get cleaned for a year, so be it! But I gradually add to that, or gradually catch up, not sure which. And I use my extra energy now for the fun stuff since I discovered how well the bathroom gets along without me!