Sunday, November 30, 2008

All is "Rite"

Couldn't resist an attempt at a pun. Today was the Rite of Acceptance Into the Order of Catechumens. For Joe. My 8 year-old is now a catechumen! That's a fancy word for an unbaptized believer. The rite is really neat in my opinion. During Mass, all the pre-Catechumens knocked on the door to the church. The Priest answered from the front and asked, "Who's knocking?"
At that point, each child said his or her name into a microphone (likely not used in the early centuries).
The rest of the dialogue:
Priest: What do you want to become?
Children: A Christian.
Priest: Why do you want to become a Christian?
Children: Because I believe in Christ.
Priest: What do you gain by believing in Christ?
Children: Eternal life.

After the children were welcomed into the church, they lined up in front of the altar and the parents came forward. We were asked some questions, replied, and then the cantor sang instructions about blessing each child's ears, eyes, mouth, shoulders, heart and feet - all having to do with following Jesus and living life for Him. With each blessing, Kevin and I took turns making the sign of the cross on Joseph.

At the end, Father Marc, our Priest, presented each child with a Bible and I think that was Joseph's favorite part. I couldn't help but picture the numerous "Children's" Bibles at home that he has read over the past eight years. This was significant in Joe's spiritual maturity and I was so thrilled for him, and so prayerful for his future. I've seen what a difference being a student of the Bible makes in a life, and I so want my children to know that difference.

Please pray for Joe. Pray that the interest he's showing in God and God's word will continue throughout his life!

Now I'll share a photo of Joseph with Father Marc and one of him with his new Bible. I really wanted one of Kevin and I with Joe but it didn't happen. I'm just so proud to be a part of his life. Please pray for us as his parents as long as you're praying for him!

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