Monday, November 3, 2008

Field Trip

I can't speak for Des Moines, Iowa, Saskatchewan, Chicago, or the Everglades - but in Henderson Nevada the weather was absolutely perfect today. We headed out to the Clark County Heritage Museum with jackets in hand but they were promptly tossed in the stroller (a.k.a. Mom's Pack Mule) and I was left wishing I'd applied sunblock all around.

This is a gem of a museum with a low-low admission price and really a LOT to see and tons of fun for the kids.

Here are some photos of my little museum-goers, squinting in the sunlight on this November day in the desert:

Joe, Cayna & Bethie on board a train

John, having missed his nap

My daughters in "jail". According to Joe, this was his favorite part of the whole museum. It is what he chose to illustrate to show Kevin later in the afternoon. But he never stepped foot inside. Maybe he just enjoyed locking up his sisters.

Cayna by the big red barn. Her favorite display was inside -- a waving cowboy.

Joe and his sunglasses


Laura said...

Does Jow always wear the sunglasses? He looks so much like Kevin! Such cute pics, sounds like you guys had a fun time!

Laura said...

I meant Joe, not Jow....what's wrong with me?

darmel said...

So cute kids! You will have to tell me where this place is so I can take my kids there this month while we are track break!