Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear President Obama,

I'm writing to congratulate you even though I didn't vote for you. And to say that I am genuinely happy for you. And I'm proud of America for electing a Black President. I will pray for you throughout your Presidency, and for your family.

We just watched your speech in Chicago, and I liked what you had to say. Despite my cynical posture when it comes to politics, I can appreciate how you sound, what you say, and who you appear to be, except on the issue of abortion. Beneath all the joy and accomplishment, I'm aware of an underlying evil that darkens any hope for change. Many of my strongest Christian friends are willing to overlook your views on abortion because they believe the economy and foreign policy to be more important than basic...life. Somehow in this country on this day, justice is important for everyone except the unborn. So I'm curious to see how this all turns out. If so many are willing to compromise God's Word in search of "change" I'm afraid of the outcome. It's uncomfortable to be curious and afraid at the same time.

You said tonight you would listen to me, especially when we disagree. I hope that's true. I hope you'll listen when you hear during your term that not all of us think abortion should be legal through the ninth month. I pray you change your mind.

Meanwhile, I do hope you'll enjoy these days of celebration. Like you said, there is a rough road ahead.

Teri Love


Muddlin' Mother said...

Yes, pretty interesting that the propositions for parental notifcation and to help upkeep childrens hospitals in Cal failed, while the farm animal prop passed 2: 1. And dr. assisted suicide in Wash. passed. We've turned a corner in this nation, folks.

Garden Gal said...

That's a great letter. I appreciate the way you stated the sad but oh-so-true fact about the views of many Christians on abortion.

I have been stunned at how many Christian Obama supporters there were considering his "con"-life voting history & the issue of the Freedom of Choice Act. I actually stopped asking people who they were voting for because it was just too frustrating. My only response to them was that I couldn't justify electing someone who had proved that the unborn was not life to him. I have used this article in the past to help:


But their response was just a blank stare & then jumping into how bad things have been under Republican control.

I don't think it helped that the Republican party has pretty much ignored the abortion issue during the 8 years of opportunity they had to make change.

God is still in control & that is where my hope lies - regardless of who is living in the White House.

Rachel said...

Well put.

littlecbsmom said...

Wonderful letter and very well put. You worded my thoughts exactly when you used the words uncomfortable, curious and afraid!

Home Sweet Home said...

very nicely put. I agree with you on all of it.

Christy said...