Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Running Terrors

Don't I have enough to worry about when I'm running?

"Do these pants make my butt look too big?"

"Am I the right personality to wear a running skirt?"

"Might I trip over a rock (pothole; beer can; dead pigeon) today?"

"Is there an attacker lurking in that bush?"

"Can Melissa tell I didn't brush my teeth?"

NOW, on top of all that - I read this horrifying article and I have a whole new set of thoughts. If you don't have time to read the whole article, just read the headline - it is quite sobering (once you stop laughing).

Personally, after I stopped trying to visualize how I might have reacted in the same circumstance (no doubt QUITE differently than she did) I started trying to visualize this woman running along all whacked-out and toting a frothing-at-the-mouth fox along with her. In my current, rational, and not-currently-being-attacked-by-a-scary-mammal state I can tell you that I would have dropped that mutha (I don't get to use that word nearly often enough) in a heartbeat, jetted to the hospital and just told them to go ahead and gamble that the dang thing was rabid. DO YOU REALLY NEED TO BRING IN THE OFFENDING ANIMAL JUST TO MAKE SURE????? Like any physician in her/his right mind is going to say, "Gee, patient, if only you had let the animal STAY LATCHED ON to you, we could have been sure whether to give you the shot series." NO, PEOPLE! Maybe there's more to it, maybe rabies shots don't work that way. Or maybe this woman had a heightened sense of getting all rabid animals "off the market" so to speak in order to prevent the same horror from occurring the next day to another jogger on the same trail.

Come to think of it, this little ditty has brought up enough questions in my mind about rabies, I might just go spend some time researching it. You feel free to go do the same. The jogger's world will be a better place.
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