Monday, November 17, 2008

Way to Spend a Monday (Laundry Day)

Wake up early to the Prince song "1999". Perhaps I should choose a different station for my alarm. Or maybe it's good to wake up to a song that takes me back 20 years and makes me dance into the bathroom.

Put on running clothes.

Meet running partner and discuss crucial topics during one hour of exercise.

Shower and dress and sort HEAPS of laundry. Six people + seven days + one daughter who wears four outfits a day = dirty clothes spilling out of the closet.

Start first load.

Wash hands (don't you after touching other people's underwear?)

Read a chapter in the book of Luke. Pray. Rest my head on the headboard for one second. Read the day's paragraph in my "eating" book. Pray more.

Fold towels from last week's laundry.

Greet early-rising daughters, give hugs.

Wake up sleepy son. Get breakfast.

Challenge daughter to try to go longer than five minutes without saying "Poop" or "Pee" unnecessarily.

Send children off to school in a flurry.

Nurse baby, watch DVR episode of "Oswald" with Bethie.

Keep laundry going.

Haul ladder out of my closet where it's been in the way for over a week since I last worked on taking down ugly wallpaper border. Work on taking down ugly wallpaper border.

Walk Beff across the street to play Pla-Doh with Jacob. Put John down for morning nap. Back to ugly wallpaper border.

Pick up Cayna and Michelle at school. On the way, spot Kevin on the road going the opposite way (his jobsite is 3 miles from our house). He is wearing his Bluetooth. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I HATE those! He doesn't wear it at home probably for fear I'll make fun of him (which I might) - but he wasn't at home.

Make lunch, eat lunch, clean up lunch. Quit eating after lunch. This last part is hard for me.

Baby down for afternoon nap. Girls play. Keep laundry going.

Spend time organizing some church Moms' Group stuff.

Wake baby up from nap to pick up Joe and Megan from school. Drop off Megan.

Home to put away laundry, serve snack, help kids start homework, try not to pull my hair out when everyone starts to have afternoon grumpies.

Make dinner, eat dinner, leave for meeting at Church.

Home. Crash. Another Monday done.

Sweet Dreams.
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