Friday, November 21, 2008

Quick Takes Friday

1) My run today did involve a woolly mammoth (see yesterday's post). I thought several times "I'm chasing a mammoth, I'm chasing a mammoth." And it paid off (that and my nasty mood). Here are some happy stats:

Wednesday: total distance - 3.2 miles
total time - 39:10
fastest pace - 9:22
average pace - 12:15

Today: total distance - 3.2 miles
total time - 36:23 - I shaved off almost 3 minutes!!! Woo hoo! Take that, mammoth!
fastest pace - 7:39, which about killed me, but now I have a record to beat
average pace - 11:21 - THIS is the number I really want to lower

But the most important thing is that I set out to beat my Wednesday time, and I did it!

I wonder if wearing animal skins and carrying a spear would help me further this motivating visualization of chasing a mammoth.

2) I get to go see "Dr. Amazing" later today. I have been working daily on my abs according to his prescription. Big questions for this appointment - 1) Will I get another massage? and 2) How much longer 'til I have that six-pack?

3) Last night just before bed, Kevin said, "Tomorrow we're ordering..." and in a split second I thought, "PIZZA! I don't have to cook! And how sweet of him to initiate that." I ended his sentence in my imagination with: "Pizza. I just got paid and you deserve it, you A-1 homemaker, you!"

Here is how the sentence ended in actuality: "...breakfast burritos at work. I'm getting one with SAUSAGE!!!" (He was very excited.)

4) A week ago, I did these quick takes a la this great blog and now I have a new friend to show for it. She recognized the Priest I mentioned in one of my "takes" and then we e-mailed and met at the park today. It's a new world we live in where friendships materialize out of cyberspace. But I'll take friendship wherever it comes from. And, Vicki - I so enjoyed meeting you! I'll echo Father Phil's words: Praise Jesus! There are no coincidences.

5) Once upon a time (today) I took my dear sweet children to the park. My zoomy one year-old was enjoying many sprints around the grassy field. From about 20 yards away, I saw him bend to pick up what I thought was a leaf. It went in his mouth, and usually he spits stuff like that right out. He didn't. I ran over and it turned out to be a piece of apple.

Acceptable scenario: A nice, well-sanitized child with no communicable diseases was enjoying the apple and dropped a small piece in the grass hours before John found it. In fact, the sprinklers had bathed any remaining saliva off of it.

My scenario: This particular apple fell from a diseased tree miles from the park. A mangy, diseased bird snatched the apple from the ground in its gnarly beak and carried it toward a perch, dropping it once on dog poop but retrieving it. Before the bird could finish eating, it dropped dead and the apple fell to the ground where a rabid dog scooped it up and batted it across the field with a boogery snout. That's where John picked it up minutes later and enjoyed his discovery.


Rob said...

Couple of books to inspire you, both by Dean Karnazes:
Ultramarathon Man

heather said...

I do not usually LAUGH OUT LOUD at things I read. Right now, I am LAUGHING OUT crack me up. Especially the Keven scenario and the apple bite. :) Keep 'em comin' girl!

littlecbsmom said...

I agree with Heather, I was laughing out loud too! I need to print a copy of that for Connor to see how using descriptive words can add SO much to a story! I loved it!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Great meeting you too! Fr. Phil said you and Kevin were 'cool people' and he was right.

(Well, I'm not so sure Kevin is cool... please tell me you got to order pizza last night after he enjoyed his breakfast burrito! LOL!)

Teri said...

For the record, yep --- we got to order pizza last night! I love my husband!

Laura said...

You're hilarious, did you miss your calling as a stand up comedian or what??? How do you time your runs, with a stopwatch or pedometer or what?

Teri said...

I love to hear that I make you laugh!!! Makes my day.

Laura, I wear a GPS. It was my birthday present. It gives me WAY too much information. The newer model has a heartrate monitor, which I don't need half as much as one that kicks my butt and cheers me on.

Teri said...

Rob, I gotta go look him up. I just read about another ultra-marathoner who I loved - but you got me curious about the title 50/50.

Christine said...

I think you totally captured the thoughts of every mother with the apple scenario. I really enjoy your writing, and am glad y'all got pizza.

Laura said...

tell me more about the GPS, brand, price, you wear it on your arm or what?

Teri said...

Laura - My GPS is a Garmin, I don't know of any other maker, but I bet there are some. You could look them up online and see their features and prices. Mine is not the newest one, it's a 205. I wear it like a wristwatch. For several hundred dollars-ish, you can have the newest one which is watch-size and has more features than mine, but mine was about $150. Let me know if Santa brings you one!