Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Day for Natural Family Planning

Kevin and I just returned from a visit with our friendly neighborhood Natural Family Planning Instructor.

More precisely, this woman is employed by our diocese to instruct parishes and individual couples on "Fertility Awareness." It's good stuff. Plus, she's just a great person with a gob of knowledge and insight. She's an R.N. as well, and a mother of four. Geez-o-Pete, she's busier than I!

Every time we have an appointment with her, we check our chart, we answer questions, and we ask questions. And then we spend another 60 minutes or so (because we have a babysitter and love the subject) discussing morality and ethics as applied to Church teachings on life; the medical field; you name it. It's well-worth the one-time, lifetime "membership" fee we already paid. It helps that she's also (would HAVE to be) a strong, orthodox Catholic. We newbies, Kevin and I, soak up her perspective like sponges.

I leave there every time with a stronger desire to share the Church's teaching on life with the world. My involvement in our Moms' Group, as well as our parish's RCIA program might give me an avenue for that sharing. AND - on my sassier days, I am still VERY tempted to order and wear this T-shirt and see what kind of conversations might start in the grocery store check-out. How 'bout you? Would you just want to kick me in the teeth? Laugh at me (especially if I'm 7 months pregnant, wearing the maternity version, and towing along my other four kids)? Or simply write me off as LuLu?


Beth said...

I think it would fit you well :)

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I should get that for my MIL for Christmas! Dan is the second of 14, yes that's not a typo, children!

Beth said...

I was thinking about your blog last night as I went to bed and I thought in years past another slogan I would say is that "epidurals are for wimps." Bryan still teases me to this day for saying that. But I just try to keep my opinion to myself, even though I still believe it.

Christine said...

I've always been intrigued by those shirts, and if they do any good (as in conversion starters). Honestly, I would probably roll my eyes in public but privately think you were very courageous for wearing it.

Is lulu slang for crazy? I googled it and some of the slang definitions are a remarkable person and a very attractive or seductive woman. Lol!

Aaryn said...

Yes, I am all for an "epidurals are for wimps" t-shirt. And indeed, children are a blessing. But I think my shirt would have to say "Birth control is for those who do not want to be committed."

heather said...

Luke is the result of using the "Fertility Awareness Method" :) Of course we are happy to have him.....but the month before we found out we were pregnant, Matt and I were discussing "how great this is working"...I was so proud to know my body and Matt was thrilled not to use birth control! But anyway...we are still quite confused about that kid's conception! Did I ovulate on day 7? Did Matt's swimmers live for a week? Who knows? ....oh, i guess God does! Love to you, Teri!

littlecbsmom said...

Very interesting topic...I would have to say that I already know you are a little LuLu in all good ways, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Now, if I was to see a stranger wearing it, I would just safely assume they are Catholic and not be the least bit surprised. See how much you have taught me already??

I say order the shirt and wear it with pride, even if I am one of the wimps!