Saturday, November 15, 2008


Try to hide your disappointment, as I am, but it hasn't been cold enough to put the flannel sheets on.

Our poor tree in the backyard, the only one with the propensity to display any typical Autumn hues, can't get enough low temps to change! It's mostly green still, with just the slightest hint of maybe going orange and red all over.

Welcome to the desert, right?

Around here, the only real sign of a shift in the season, besides holiday decor, is my mustard-yellow tea kettle sitting on the stove and whistling its heart out.

Then, I pull out my favorite brown mug, decorated with leaves in honor of the season-that's-supposed-to-be, and make some tea. Good Earth makes a sweet & spicy herb tea (thanks, Heather Haight!) that I adore.

And there you have a cozy Autumn post. All that's missing is a photo of me and my expression right after burning my tongue.


mom2threepks said...

I remember a lovely autumn shower with lots of pretty autumn colors and leaves and the whole bit. Those were the days when my best buddy lived three houses down! sigh Wish I could share a cup of tea with you!

Teri said...

Me, too, friend. Me, too.

Rachel said...

As a girl who grew up in the Midwest and has lived her entire adult life in the Southwest, I can totally relate to this post. Just remember, all that pretty foliage comes with humid summers and lots and lots of bugs. No scorpions, maybe, but plenty of other poisonous critters.