Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Man I Married

In a story involving a platypus, a toothbrush cake, and the entire UNLV campus, Kevin proposed to me 11 years ago today.

Aside from four paltry years of sleep deprivation (one following the birth of each child) resulting in bickering and mild stomping around the house - we've gotten along famously and enjoyed our marriage.

My biggest sacrifice has been giving up the way I like to talk when telling a story to Kevin. For WHATEVER reason, he just wants the nitty-gritty main point... WITHOUT the 244 extra details, 22 tangents, and 650-plus related news items.

Kevin's biggest sacrifice is that he has to put up with a tremendous amount of rigid home-decorating guidelines: i.e. color coordination DOES matter; we DON'T need the backpack display rack he picked up out of a dumpster (he learned his habits from Mr. Mike Nalley); and just because it's cheap, or even free, DOESN'T mean I want it in my home.

Just yesterday, he called me in the middle of the day and I could tell by his voice that he was BEAMING. Turns out his company was getting rid of their giant-size map of the Las Vegas Valley because it is outdated by two years. Kevin got it. Happy day, unless you're the wife who doesn't want the humongous thing hanging in the living room. Good thing it fits perfectly on the wall of the garage. He had fun putting it up today.

Maybe if I'd agreed to hang it INside the house, it could have counted as an engagement anniversary gift. Well, this way we're both happy - he has his enormous map, and I don't have to wallpaper my formal living room with an aerial view of Sin City. Isn't marriage fantastic?

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