Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advertising Advice for Pooper Scooper Businesses

I was out and about this morning and saw a truck advertising "Budget Pooper Scooper Service."

Really? Budget? Is this because there's a wide range of prices for pooper scooping and this guy wanted to make sure to differentiate himself from the "higher-end" pooper scoopers? And what would those guys be named? Elite Pooper Scooper? Regency Pooper Scooper?

Problem with pooper scooper businesses is that NOTHING sounds good in a title that already has the word "poop" in it in any form. For example:

"Ultimate Pooper Scooper" - "Ultimate" sounds good with a fitness company, and electronics place, or a car detailer, even. But when you're reading along and get to "Pooper", it's all over.

Other options just make me laugh, because of how my mind works, and because, let's face it, Poop-scooping just lends itself to comedy.

"Advanced Pooper Scoopers" - as opposed to what? Basic? The Advanced guys not only remove the poop, but provide other services I'm not creative enough to imagine.

"Complete" or "Total" Pooper Scoopers - these guys get WAY more business than "Partial Pooper Scooper."

Do a tiny little internet search, and it is evident that Mr. "Budget Pooper Scooper" needs to take a lesson from some of the more clever scoopers out there. Here are my top faves:
Pooper Trooper
Dooty-Free Lawns
The Poo Crew
Doodie Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Dog Waste Removal
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