Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Recipes

Cayna asked for caramel cookies. I couldn't think of any cookies that have caramel in them, but my trusty friend, Kristi told me about these Rolo/pretzel cookies. They're easy - use the "rule of three": three ingredients, three hundred degrees for three minutes. I put about forty waffle pretzels on a cookie sheet. One Rolo candy on each pretzel, and put the sheet in the oven for three minutes. As soon as it comes out, the Rolos are shiny but still in their original shape. Quickly squash them down with either a nut (pecans or almonds or whatever) or with another waffle pretzel. Or be creative! Then they have to set for a loooooooong time. Well over an hour out of the fridge or stick the whole sheet in the fridge until they cool otherwise you'll have chocolate mess everywhere when you try to remove them. If you like the salty/sweet combo, you'll probably like these. I'm not a huge fan, but the kids were thrilled and really liked laying the whole thing out and especially squooshing the melted candy when it came out of the oven.

See? With recipes that easy, anyone can pull off a few varieties of cookies. Well, anyone willing to blow fifty bucks on ingredients, that is.

If you let me know in comments which other recipes looked intriguing, I'll be happy to add to this post! It's my five minutes of feeling like a baker girl.

Oh! The chocolate lollipops are just pretzel rods dipped in candy molds full of melted chocolate bark. Not sure how that will go since in the past I only used those meltable chip things you get at Michael's. I'll take pictures when we're all done! If I wasn't so self-conscious of my secret blog, I'd post a link to her chocolate lollipops, but then you'd all like her better.
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