Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Kevin and I aren't good leftover eaters, but I feel so wasteful hurling large quantities of food down the disposal while it's still warm. Instead I seal it up in plastic storage containers and stack it in the frig to be thrown away another day.

Thanksgiving night leftover inventory:
cranberry chutney
dried corn

The next night, I admitted I have little desire to eat cranberry chutney except on Thanksgiving, so I tossed it.

Looking around the frig, I couldn't find any mashed potatoes. So I got rid of the gravy.

The dried corn looked downright repulsive in a see-through container 24 hours after Thanksgiving dinner. Gone.

On Saturday, I got rid of the container of egg dish I'd made for breakfast with company Wednesday morning.

My from-scratch mac & cheese was mostly gone, and the remaining half-cup was no longer appetizing. Down the drain.

I cleared out what I thought were all the remaining cluttery odds and ends fully intending to shop today, but it didn't happen. Tonight, desperate for food, therefore observing the frig contents more carefully, I noticed a casserole dish full of my mom's stuffing. Almost a week later. Even under ideal conditions, I don't like stuffing - I wasn't brave enough to yank it out seven days old and dump it. So there it sits. What weird backwardness that the leftovers I actually liked are long gone, but my least favorite dish is still alive and well on the top shelf of my frig. Curious how long it might last in there.
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